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Stand Alone, Piggy-Back, Ethanol Fuel Controllers, Fuel Tuners,

Turbo Fuellers, Peripherals and Accessories, OEM Products.

Perfect Power specializes in the design and manufacture of fuel injection systems for every application, from your everyday street car to your high-tech performance car.


All our products are made to the highest international standards with our clients so we also offer custom made OEM products that suit our client's requirements and budgets. Please inquire at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with OEM in the subject for more information. The Perfect Power range of products falls into three major categories : Stand Alone Systems, Piggy-Back Systems, Accessories and Peripherals.




Surface Mount


All our products are assembled by SMT (Surface Mount

Technology) machine and then computer tested against

a go/fail test procedure. Only once they pass all the tests,

then only do they enter the next phase. All our products

are then heat soaked for a period of 24 hours and then

re-tested to make sure there are no component failures.

This process ensures that the product you buy will last

longer and give you years of service.





Tuning Software


All Perfect Power products are powerful "real time"

programmable fuel injection and ignition computer

systems. High speed communication is achieved

from USB communication. LetRipp II tuning software

is used to manage the tuning, in real time, with all of

our modern tuning units. The software was designed

with tuners in mind and has many features to assist

in the chip tuning process. All our products have

extensive help documentation, application notes,

FAQ's, and manuals that will answer almost every

question you might have.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for support.





Experienced Engineers


All products are manufactured by Digital Data

Systems (Pty) Ltd in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Digital Data Systems is a proudly South African

company being the holding company for the

Perfect Power brand of products and we have

been in business since 1972. With German

engineers at the helm, you can expect quality

at an affordable price with innovative features.


  Piggy-Back Systems

Perfect Power Piggy-Back Engine Management Systems

  Piggy-Back systems work with the existing ECU (Engine Control Unit) and therefore do not replace the vehicle's original ECU. Choose from our range of Piggy-Back Systems including : SMT8-T, SMT8, SMT8L, SMT6, SMT8X and SMT8C.
  More about the Piggy-Back Engine Management Systems


  Stand Alone Systems

Perfect Power Stand Alone Engine Management System

  A Stand Alone engine management system replaces the engine's existing, original or stock ECU. Choose from our range of Stand Alone Systems including the XMS5-A and XMS5-B.
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  Ethanol Fuel Controllers

Perfect Power Ethanol Fuel Controllers

  Perfect Power's Ethanol Fuel Controllers are for the environmentally conscious installer. All these ethanol controllers serve the same purpose :  To make your engine compliant to the E85 Ethanol Bio Fuel. Choose from our range of Ethanol Fuel Controllers including : E-TUNE, E4E_B and E4E_Z.
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  Turbo Fueller

Perfect Power Turbo Fueller TF10

  Please Note that the Turbo Fueller has been discontinued. For more information please contact us.The Turbo Fueller TF10 is the ultimate companion piggy-back system for a turbo or supercharged electronically fuel injected engine. The TF10 is designed to handle the increased fuel requirements through extra injectors. The TF10 can also retard the stock ignition and control a turbo's waste-gate.


  Peripheral Products

Perfect Power Peripheral Products

  Choose from our range of peripheral products including : I-SWITCH, BLUE-FIRE DUAL/FOUR CHANNEL, AUTO INVERTER, WIDE BAND LAMBDA CONTROLLER and the XMS PEAK & HOLD.
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  OEM Products

Original Equipment Manufacturers

  Digital Data Systems presents to you a way to have your own fuel injection or engine management systems without the growing pains of designing, developing and prototyping it yourself. By using our many years of experience in the electronic automotive industry, we are able to bring expertise, past product knowledge, cutting edge technology and German precision to the table.
  More about Perfect Power OEM products