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Perfect Power Ethanol Fuel Controller..


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Introducing the E4E_Z



The E4E_Z controller follows in the footsteps of its economical brother SMT8_EFE and E4E_B. All these Ethanol controllers serve the same purpose : To make your engine compliant to the E85 Ethanol Bio Fuel. As you well know, the E85 fuel is an Alcohol, is very good for the engine and the environment, and it is  renewable. Unfortunately, your engine needs a little assistance to use it! Ethanol contains 30% less power, so your engine needs 30% more fuel, and you get 30% less distance out of a tank. This sounds all gloomy, but there is good news : It is less expensive, your engine lasts longer, and it has a neutral carbon footprint. The other good news is that you can save on the fuel consumption by lowering the extra fuel to 15% under certain circumstances.


E4E-Z Ethanol Fuel Controller
The controller's job sounds very simple : Add up to 30% more fuel. This is true if you have poor E85 in your tank, but the reality is that you have anything but E85 because you have a residue of old fuel in the tank when you fill up. And you may not find an E85 filling station, and have to use normal fuel instead. You can adjust the fuel while you drive to the optimum car performance
The E4E_Z controller connects to your fuel injectors and requires a few more wires to get the best out of it.
Not suitable to work on vehicles with Direct Injection.