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Perfect Power offers the following peripheral product options.


Perfect Power I-Switch Intelligent Switch

  This unit is a standalone switching and activation unit for all odd jobs around the engine. It relies on the well proven LetRipp Set-Point Procedure, which was enhanced with timing signals, solid state dynamic activation and isolated relays switching.
  More about the Perfect Power I-Switch

Perfect Power Blue-Fire Dual Channel Ignition Amplifier

  The Blue-Fire is the much anticipated, all-new and improved Dual Channel ignition amplifier from Perfect Power. This unique ignition amplifier is made for the high output, high current coils in performance applications.
  More about the Blue-Fire Dual Channel Ignition Amplifier

Blue-Fire Four Channel Ignition Amplifier

  The unit comes with 4 ignition coil drivers/ The outputs are short circuit protected. The Blue-Fire triggers on POSITIVE inputs, and sparks when the input high signal is returned to ground. The unit has a LED indication on each channel to show activation and a common fault LED indication.
  More about the Blue-Fire Four Channel Ignition Amplifier

Perfect Power Auto Inverter

  The 4 channel Auto Inverter product from Perfect Power can be used with any type of switching signal. The Auto Inverter is used to INVERT ignition signals as there is a large variety of ignition coils and ignition amplifiers on the market. Not all of these coils and amplifiers trigger on the same polarity, hence the need for the Perfect Power 4 channel Auto Inverter.
  More about the Perfect Power Auto Inverter

Perfect Power XMS-PH Peak & Hold

  The XMS_PH is an injector driver for high current injectors with an impedance of less than 4 ohms. Peak and Hold (PH) drivers are required to drive these injectors in order to reduce the power consumption, which would otherwise heat the injectors and evaporate the fuel.
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