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A Perfect Power Peripheral Product.


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Introducing the XMS Peak and Hold



The XMS_PH is an injector driver for high current injectors with an impedance of less than 4 ohms. Peak and Hold (PH) drivers are required to drive these injectors in order to reduce the power consumption, which would otherwise heat the injectors, and evaporate the fuel. Actually the fuel starts boiling in the injectors, and gas is injected instead of liquid, and the engine leans out. This can have disastrous effects

Perfect Power XMS-PH Peak and Hold


The injector is switched on with a very high (up to 12A) peak current. This assures that the injector "opens", which is evident by the "plinth" hitting the full open position (limit). This is normally achieved within 0.7 to 1.2ms. Then the injector current is switched off for a variable recovery time. This allows part of the peak energy to dissipate. Then the injector is operated with a variable PWM current, which reduces the effective current to about 0.8 to 1.5A. This is the holding current, which must be great enough to hold the injector open. Once the input pulse terminates, all the "switches" open, the injector energy dissipates in a high voltage spike, and the injector closes very fast. Thus the injector is opened as fast as possible, and closed as fast as possible, with the minimum of electrical energy, and a minimum of heating. Low impedance injectors (with high flow rates) are meant to be operated with a peak and hold driver.



  • High Power Engines
  • Low Impedance Injectors
  • Fast Injector Operation
  • Gas Injection
  • Converts Normal Injector Drive to Peak & Hold
  • Impedance Conversion