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Smart Tuner SMT6 - Setpoint Control Application | Application Note : AN 3.6


Perfect Power Application Notes.


Application Note : AN 3.6


A set point control does what the name implies : At a point of an input signal, which can be set, an output is activated. The output can have two forms :
  • ON/OFF

Below the set point the output has one state; above the set point the output has the other state.


At the set point the output changes slowly (proportional) its state.


The SMT6 performs the ON/OFF control, which is suited for :

  • Relay activation
  • Nitrous activation
  • RPM limiting
  • CAM Switching
  • Fan and water pump control
  • Warning
  • Other Switching Applications

SMT6 Set Points

The SMT6 has 4 set points :
RPM setp. : 0=off, any other value active
Temperature setp. : 255 = off
AMP setp. : 255 = off
Deflection setp. : 255 = off

 The 4 set points result in ONE OUTPUT : AUXOUT (orange wire).

The AUXOUT wire can handle : 0.1 Amp, max 25 volts!


SMT6 Piggy-Back Unit - Setpoint Wiring



Output Switching

The AUXOUT wire is switched (low, on) when ANY set point is exceeded, and is switched (high, off) when ALL input signals are BELOW the set points.


The AUXOUT set point activation is very popular, and I am sure that new applications are devised for it. The PRS system can perform the more sophisticated proportional set point control.