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Smart Tuner SMT6 - No Tune Option Application | Application Note : AN 3.10


Perfect Power Application Notes.


Application Note : AN 3.10


Users of the old SMT5 units will know how much of a pain the old library system was; in the SMT6 you have only 1 option, the no-tune option. The no-tune option blanks all settings on the unit, including the global settings, they cannot be changed and they cannot be seen.


  • To enable the no-tune option the no-tune option is enabled in the configuration field of the tuning software.
  • If a unit is in no tune mode it is because the no-tune option was enabled by the tuning software, it is not because of the unit, it is because of the tuning software itself.
  • When tuning the unit run the software with the no-tune option enabled.
  • Once you have finished tuning save your settings.
  • Enable the no-tune option in the configuration file.
  • Once a download command is sent to the unit the no-tune is enabled, settings will be hidden when the tuning software is loaded again.
  • If you want to correct the settings in a unit, run the tuning software again with the no-tune option disabled. Then load your saved file.


A batch file with two separate cfg files is available - contact us for more information.