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Smart Tuner SMT8-L - Power Amplifiers | Application Note : AN 11


Perfect Power Application Notes.


Application Note - AN 11

The SMT8-L has certain limitations to what it can drive directly with its on board driver. Some applications require more "power" and here are some solutions to provide more current.

Use an amplifier to step up the current. Our amplifier (IGN AMP) can supply up to 6 amps. See the wiring below.


SMT8-L Piggy-Back Unit - Power Amplifiers Wiring Diagram


Our Auto Inverter can also be used. It has two drivers each rated at 6 amps. See wiring below.
SMT8-L Piggy-Back Unit - Auto Inverter Wiring
Our Blue-Fire Dual channel amplifier can also be used but it needs to be used in conjunction with the Auto Inverter. The Blue-Fire can deliver 25 amps per channel. See wiring below.
SMT8-L Piggy-Back Unit - Blue-Fire Dual Channel Ignition Amplifier Wiring