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Smart Tuner SMT8-T - Turbo Fueller Application | Application Note : AN 1


Perfect Power Application Notes.


Application Note : AN 1


This application note describes how to use the SMT8T as a TURBO FUELLER.


"Turbo Fueling" adds fuel to the engine via an extra injector. It is applied to Supercharged and Turbocharged engines and eliminates fuel starvation due to the increased airflow.



SMT8-T Injection Setup


SMT8-T Piggy-Back Unit - F1 - Injection Map #1


The main 16x24 map is added to the EngTemp 1x24 side map and then multiplied by the side AMP 1x24 side map.

By making the AMP column zero, this would inject no fuel. This is usually done when there is no boost as the injector is not needed to pulse. To have progressive fueling under boost would require that the Fuel AMP column increases. This would in turn multiply the numbers on the screen, adding more fuel for higher boost.



In this application, only the fuel via extra injector/s was adjusted. By utilizing the manifold pressure the injectors only need to be tuned under boosted conditions. Is is easy, neat, produces a very smooth ride and is excellent for fuel control.