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LetRipp V2 - Using the C Function


Perfect Power Application Notes.


Application Note - Using the C Function

Step 1 : In the Let Ripp Tuning Software, tuning the Fuel injection Map.

Injection Map #1 - LetRipp V2 Software

Step 2 : It is now possible to add to or subtract from the map without losing the curve that you have created.

Step 3 : High light the area that you wish to change ( same way as highlighting text in word)


Step 4 : After highlighting the area press ‘C’ on the key board

Step 5 : This window opens


Step 6 : Enter either a positive number (x) or a negative number (-x) and press ‘OK’. The example is -5


Step 7 : The result can be seen in right picture below. All the high lit numbers have decreased by 5


Step 8 : The ‘C’ function will work on any size highlight area that you create in the maps.