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2.5 Bar AMP | Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions.



How do I wire the 2.5 bar Perfect Power map sensor?

Black is ground. Black/Red is +12V switched power. Yellow is the signal wire.


What is 12 Volts switched power?

It is a 12 Volt power source that has power with the ignition key "on" and now power with ignition key removed.


Can I mount the 2.5 bar amp sensor in the engine bay?

Yes, but keep it away from extreme heat like the exhaust pipe and radiator plumbing.


Why does Perfect Power refer to manifold pressure sensors as AMP and not MAP sensors?

To avoid confusion between MAPPING an engine and the MAP sensor. AMP helps keep the confusion to a minimum. We call them absolute manifold pressure sensors.


Can I use this 2.5 Bar AMP sensor on my normally aspirated engine with a XMS or SMT8?

Yes, the XMS or SMT8 can be calibrated to use the normally aspirated range of the sensor.