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Auto Inverter | Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions.


Can I use the inverter on low ohm injectors?

Yes, the Auto Inverter has 2 separate 6 amp injector drivers.


Are these drivers peak and hold?

They are of the saturation type but the Perfect Power Turbo Fueller TF10 has peak and hold type of drivers.

Are the 4 inverting channels used to reverse a TPS signal?

Not quite, the channels are used to invert a positive signal into a negative signal and vice versa.


Does the Auto Inverter need power and ground to work?

Unfortunately, yes it does need power and ground to work and when powered the red LED should light up.


Can I use the injector wire straight from a low current injector driver into the inverter aux input and from the aux output to the negative of the injector?

The 6 amp drivers are inverting drivers. You have to invert the signal before the aux input by using one of the inverter channels.