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BATMAN | Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions.


Why should I fit the BATMAN onto my 4x4 trailer?

Fitting the Batman battery monitoring unit will allow you to monitor what is happening to the batteries instantaneously, the entire load experienced and what the solar panels/charger are trying to charge.


Can the BATMAN be connected to the car battery system?

Yes it can, just keep in mind the shunt that is fitted between the battery negative terminal and the earth clamp has not been designed to handle a draw of more than 50 amps for a long period of time such as if the engine battles to start.

An Amp draw is showing although everything is switched off.

The BATMAN unit needs to reset back to zero, to do this press and hold the reset button down for 15 seconds.


Will I be able to get the Amp Hour rating out of the battery?

Unfortunately not, batteries are very sensitive to temperature. In most instances you can get around 80% of the battery's rating, however if the ambient temperature is very hot this can drop to 50%.


The charge polarity shows opposite (negative)

Your shunt may be fitted the wrong way around, double check and turn the right way.


The supplied harness is too short, can I lengthen it?

Yes you can, lengthening the harness will not interfere with the readings, just make sure that the wires are not crossed.


How does BATMAN calculate the Draw and Charge?

The batman calculates this via the Shunt, that is why it is very important that the "BAT" side of the shunt is the only connection onto the battery negative terminal and all other connections are to the "NEG" side of the shunt, so in layman's terms the shunt must be used to complete the circuit of whatever is needing power.