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Blue Fire | Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions.


Can Blue Fire ignition amplifier control a positive firing coil?

No, the Blue Fire ignition amplifier does not control a positive coil; it takes the positive signal from the XMS4 Stand Alone unit and inverts it to a negative signal.


What is the maximum amperage that the Blue Fire ignition amplifier can supply?

The Blue-Fire has a maximum amperage rating of 25 amps per channel.

Can Blue Fire be mounted in the engine bay?

Yes, the Blue Fire can be mounted in the engine bay, provided it is out of the hot air flow from the radiator and will not come into contact with water.

The Red LED's on the Blue Fire flash after driving for a short time and the engine has stalled. What could be wrong?

This is a Blue Fire protection feature, this happens when the Blue-Fire has overheated due to too much dwell or the temperature where the Blue Fire is installed is causing the unit to over heat.

What will happen if Blue Fire ignition amplifier gets too hot?

The Blue Fire will shut down, and will only resume working once the temperature of the unit has cooled down.

Can Blue Fire ignition amplifier cause interference?

Yes, the Blue Fire can cause some electromagnetic interference if the main earth is too long and the gauge is too thin or if the unit is mounted too close to the XMS4 unit.

The green LED's of the Blue Fire do not flash during cranking.

The green LED's of the Blue Fire will flash once each time there is an ignition signal sent from the XMS Stand Alone Unit. Make sure that there is power to the Blue Fire and that there is a RPM value displayed in the software.

Can Blue Fire cause an electric shock?

Yes, the Blue Fire can shock you, for safety purposes do not touch the output screws to the coils when the engine is running.

Is Blue Fire waterproof?

No, the Blue Fire is only water resistant. Water in the main plugs may cause a short, which could cause damage to the unit.

Can only one channel of Blue Fire be used without causing damage?

Yes, one channel can be used; the channels work independently of each other.

Blue Fire has a "fault" output, how is it used?

The fault wire is only used in the very first XMS units that were produced, it has no affect on the functionality of the unit.

The Blue Fire has "smart" dwell control, does this mean that if the Blue Fire is connected to the car's own ECU with limited dwell control the Blue Fire can control dwell time independently so that the coils will not burn?

The Blue Fire units are coil drivers, they cannot change the ECU dwell time that is pre-programmed into the Factory ECU, the intelligent drivers are to protect the unit from burning out, if however an XMS5 Stand Alone unit is fitted to the engine then the dwell time can be changed.