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E-TUNE | Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions.


What is an E-Tune unit?

E-Tune is a basic plug and play unit that plugs into injectors that allows the fueling to be tuned.


Where should the E-Tune be fitted?

It should be fitted inside the cab if possible, or in the engine bay out of direct heat caused by the cooling fan.

What wires need to be connected for the E-Tune unit to work?

The injectors are unplugged and the E-Tune is plugged in between. Fit the earth connection. That's it!

Can E-Tune modify the timing?

The E-Tune was designed as a fuel tuning product only. Should you need to do timing, the SMT8-FT plug and play fuel tuner unit has this capability.

Can the 4-cylinder E-Tune unit work on an odd cylinder engine?

Yes it can, it will even work on a single cylinder engine.

Can I fine tune the E-Tune unit?

Yes you can, the unit has a map of 384 load sites, you will however have to change the wiring on the potentiometer so that it can be wired to the TPS or load sensor.

My laptop has no RS232 connector, how do I communicate with the E-Tune unit?

The only way to communicate is with the use of a USB prolific converter.


I have connected the USB Prolific Converter but cannot connect to the E-Tune.

Verify in Windows, in the Device Manager under Com ports that the converter has been assigned to COM port 1, if not then go into the advanced settings and reset it to COM port 1.


How does the E-Tune unit communicate?

The unit uses 19.2Kb RS232 to communicate.


I have changed the Com Port setting but the E-Tune still does not communicate.

Check in the LetRipp software under Tools, Communication Setup, that it is set to RS232 - 115K and that COM 1 has been selected.


The green cursor is in the middle of the map and not in the left column as it should be?

The TPS scale has not been set up correctly, by pressing : "Shift F7" the TPS config map will open.


I lost my communication cable, where can I get a replacement?

The RS232 cable is a specially designed cable and can be bought directly from Perfect Power.


What is the black adjustable knob for on the E-Tune engine harness?

The potentiometer is fitted so that you can add fuel by turning it to the right or reducing fuel by turning it to the left.