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LetRipp Software | Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions.


I plugged the USB in before installing the USB drivers, now I cannot communicate with the Perfect Power unit?

By plugging the unit in before installing the drivers from the disc has caused Windows to install its own generic drivers which are now not compatible with the LetRipp II software platform. To fix this you need to uninstall the USB drivers that are listed in the "Device Manager" and then reinstall the "Step 2" installation from the LetRipp II software CD, reopen the software and then plug the unit in.

I am just wondering is it possible to use the SMT7 software and the LetRipp software with Windows 7 as I have a laptop with XP Pro but I need to update my computer with a newer, faster one and they only have Windows 7?

Yes, the SMT7 and LetRipp can work on Windows 7, provided they are used at administrator privilege level.

I have a question with regards to the F7 screen in the LetRipp software. I can not find any reference in the manual, to the very top row of values in this screen. What are they being used for? The description of how to use the AFR abilities of the XMS5B is very hard to follow, as most of them seem to have no correlation to any of the field names on the screens. Here and there I can assume a match, like for AFR-Ops-Time being referred to as AFR-loop-ops-time. They also refer to WIDE SENSOR ENABLED : to be ticked, amongst others. This I can not find anywhere in the software. Where do we actually select this?

The number above each column is the max and min amount that you allow the unit AFR loop to adjust the main injection map to reach your AFR target. The Wide band sensor tick is for when a wide band sensor is used as the unit can also work with a narrow band sensor.

F7 - AFR loop target. What's the use of the values on the top?

It's the adjustment amount you allow the XMS to do to the fueling map. So it can add up to that number or subtract. The value of 0 disables the lambda loop for that column. Numbers 30-50 are normal.

I have reinstalled the USB drivers but still no communication?

Make sure in the "Tools" menu, "Communication" has been set to the correct communication option for the Perfect Power unit.

Can I increase the tuned map values by a certain amount?

There is a method that will increase the tune map values. The area that you wish to change should be highlighted by creating a block (same way as the copy and paste function in Windows Word documents). Once this is done, press "C" on the keyboard, a window will open, enter the amount that you wish to increase or decrease by, and press enter.

The LetRipp software communication keeps playing dead?

The software will do this if you are using the incorrect LetRipp version with the product. Download the right software version.

"This unit belongs to..." keeps being displayed when I connect the unit?

The unit has been branded by special dealer software. The only way to get around this is to return to the dealer for assistance.

I am using Windows Vista, the LetRipp software program does not work?

The software will work on Vista until some settings in the properties of the .exe file are changed, so that it runs as Administrator, and must be set to use XP compatibility mode.