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Oxy Clamp | Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions.


I have removed the catalytic converter and now the engine management light is on?

By removing the catalytic converter you have allowed the exhaust gasses to exit the exhaust faster which in turn causes the 2nd lambda probe's oscillation to speed up outside of the ECU parameters, by fitting the OXY clamp the signal to the ECU is slowed down.


Is the Oxy Clamp difficult to install?

The unit has only three wires, where two are used to intercept the signal wire from the Lambda probe and the third is used to ground the unit.

The engine has two probes after each CAT?

You would need to fit two Oxy Clamps here as the unit has only been designed for one probe.


What does the Oxy Clamp do?

The Oxy Clamp slows the lambda signal down that returns to the ECU, by doing this the ECU cannot detect a fault such as the CAT being removed.