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XMS5 | Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions.


How do I know if the coils that I am using for the XMS5 are positive or negative firing?

A simple test can be done if you know the wiring pin out of the coils that you are using. The coil trigger wire is flashed across the battery positive terminal and then across the battery negative terminal to see when there is spark generated from the coil.

I have a little question with regards tp [Special input #1] and [Special input #2] as seen in the XMS5B SETPOINT config screen. Are these just placeholders, or are they actually usable inputs which pins correspond to them.

These inputs are only placeholders.

Just a question about the new XMS5 and its displays. In the documentation you say one can connect up to 8 displays to the unit, but it's a bit vague on the details. Can you connect 8 displays to the unit simultaneously, because the actual wiring in the box doesn't suggest this is possible, or can you only connect on these and it has a primary display value?

Yes, you can connect up to 8 displays to one unit simultaneously.

I wanted to find out about the rev limiting on the XMS5. I'm not sure if I missed something, but according to the manual is cuts fuel either on a soft cut or hard cut. My question, or rather concern maybe, being when you run a boosted engine, will it not cause lean out conditions when you're at WOT with full boost? I can imagine that one would be able to use one of the setpoint outputs to cut the power to the Blue-Fire for instance, but was wondering if this is the correct way or am I missing something in the setup? Would it be possible to add a choice between cutting fuel and/or spark?

The XMS5 will stop injection on random injectors on a soft cut and will stop all injection on a hard cut. The engine will not be damaged as no fuel is injected into the cylinders affected by the soft cut, no fuel + spark = no lean condition or rather just air in the cylinder/s. An ignition cut is more of a danger as fuel will continue to be injected, causing a build up of fuel in the exhaust system.

Rev Counter Correction : Would it be possible to have the ability to calibrate the rev-counter output on the XMS5 units. My problem is that I'm running a V8 on a car that has a V6 rev-counter in it and as a result the counter is a bit optimistic. I have opened up the tech and it's not equipped with any means of manually switching if from V6 to V8 mode, as is sometimes the case.

At the moment it is not possible. It may be a feature later on.