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Frequently Asked Questions.


How do I know if the coils that I am using for the XMS4 are positive or negative firing?

A simple test can be done if you know the wiring pin out of the coils that you are using. The coil trigger wire is flashed across the battery positive terminal and then across the battery negative terminal to see when there is a spark generated from the coil.

Do you have a dealer in Greece? If not, I now live in Greece and have a 4x4 dyno in the shop. I recently bought a Perfect Power 6 unit but have not used it yet. How do I become a dealer?

Becoming a dealer is fairly simple. What we require from potential dealers are to complete a dealer application form and accept the terms and conditions that we supply. Once we receive the filled in application we assess it on a set criteria. If you are successful you become an authorized dealer. We do not require a buy in fee as many of our competitors do. The only thing that is a prerequisite is that your first purchase as a dealer is at retail price minus 25%. From your second purchase it will be at dealer prices.

How do you make a 3 pin radiator fan work on a Citi Golf with a 2 pin plug?

You would need to determine which of the three pins, when given 12 Volts and ground, cause the fan to operate.

May I know which tuning map do I use for extra injector?

There is a map "F2 Injection Map" that is used for the extra injector.

I have a lufze in a Lexus ls400. I am planning on turbocharging it with bigger injectors but I still want use the stock ecu. Do you have a piggy-back for me?

We don't recommend bigger injectors with a piggy-back as it can be difficult to set up. It would be better to take it to a dealer who can advise you on setting up the piggy-back, or set it up for you instead.

My Corsa is a 1997 1.4i model (X14SZ). Your website says that I have to hook up CRANK- too. The CRANK- should be done by a T connection? Or should I do it in the same way as I did with CRANK+?

If it has a balanced signal then you will have to do the CB- the same way as the CB+ signal was done.

I am in Cape Town and I would like to know what stand alone you recommend for my Opel 2l 8V (c2One) and what will it cost me?

We recommend you contact a dealer, RBT in Cape Town for the pricing. They will also be able to assist you in choosing a stand alone system.