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What's The Difference? SMT6 vs SMT8


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The one question on every customer’s lips when choosing between two products is what makes product A more attractive than product B? This is a dilemma most customers face; the only problem arising is whether the differences are easily identifiable.



As you all know the team at Perfect Power are all petrol heads at heart and of course we want to supply our clients with the best product when it comes to your car and its performance. So just to help you identify the best product for your car, we have provided a short comparison between the Perfect Power SMT6 and the SMT8 piggy-back controllers, to help you decide which one is best for you.

SMT6 Piggy-Back Engine Management System


SMT6 Windows Software


SMT6 Windows Tuning Software

The SMT6 has been around for more than ten years and it still remains one of our best sellers. After 18 months of being tried and tested over and over our Perfect Power team created a monster of a product. Easy to install and easy to tune, it is a definite winner. The users of the SMT6 are thrilled with its results. Being affordable and extremely effective once installed and tuned it is any cars best friend. Packaged with its own software the SMT6 is really the way to go when looking for basic control over your engine, better fuel consumption and better performance. Maybe you’re a teenager or leaving for college and you just got your Mother’s 9 year old car, then the SMT6 is your new best friend.



So as time and technology have moved on so have the vehicles. Always looking for improvement and constantly being busy with new development the team came up with a newer, better and more intriguing product called the SMT8.

SMT8 Piggy-Back Engine Management System

LetRipp II Software


LetRipp II Windows Tuning Software Interface

The SMT8 is a product that is definitely something of another caliber. Being only five years old, the SMT8 has impressed users world wide. After many attempts and trials the team came up with a mind-blowing product that has exceeded all our expectations. Standing out with the latest technology called LetRipp and using the latest on-board 16 bit processor with 40 MIPS (Million Instructions per Second) processing power, the improvement of processing speed is phenomenal. If you compare the older 8 bit platform such as the SMT6 to the new 16 bit such as the SMT8, there are already huge speed gains, as the 16 bit code is almost half the size of the 8 bit code. Because of this new technology, we have speed and with this comes memory to spare, and so we have included more features, which were previously impossible on the old platform. The SMT8 is not only the top of the range product but has an extended product line including the SMT8-L and the SMT8-T.


The SMT8-L is the first piggy-back that offers you the capability to do dual AFR tuning , as well as ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) tuning.The SMT8-T is the evil twin of the SMT6, being capable to do what the SMT6 does, it just does it faster, better and is more effective and efficient in it's tasks. Having the SMT8 installed and correctly tuned will give your car the best performance you are looking for and it will ensure you a driving experience beyond your wildest imagination.


The SMT8 is for the performance enthusiast who wants full control over his or her engine and standing out in the crowd is an absolute must. Seeing as the SMT8 is the newest accessory in town with way too many benefits to even mention. The guys and of course girls who have installed this product in their vehicle has been seriously impressed with the nine maps that come with the product.


So if there was any misunderstanding on what the difference between these two products is, we hope we have resolved some of them for you. The only question left now is what type of petrol head are you?