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Perfect Power's BATMAN on an Overland Trip


Perfect Power Article.




I have just returned from an over-landing trip in Africa, which covered Botswana, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. A total distance of 6500Km was traveled, over a three week period. I was completely self-sufficient, in that I did not use any external electrical power source. My car and solar panel charged my batteries.



Now, when setting up camp to stay for a few days, you can’t help but wonder how much power the fridge and freezer (and all the other appliances) are using. So you ask yourself: How long can I have cold beers for? Is my solar panel replacing the power used? Will I be able to charge the batteries for the cameras? Can I switch on the lights at night (to see the all impressive lion standing on the boundary of my campsite)?, How long can I leave the lights on for?, etc. I am sure many other campers have had the same questions.



Ever since I installed the Batman Battery Monitor, I can instantly see what the state of my batteries are.

Perfect Power's BATMAN Battery Monitor on an Overland Trip


Naturally the cold beers take priority and the lions will just have to stay in the dark (hear no evil - see no evil!). The installation was easy and I was done in half an hour - what a pleasure in this day and age when time is so limited!


One of the features of the Batman is seeing how much current is drawn by your combined electrical items. Sometimes scary to know! The Batman also shows how much of your battery capacity you have used. This helps you to work out how long you can stand still, before you have to give some kind of charge back to the batteries.


In my setup, I used a solar panel to replace the power my fridge and freezer drew through the night. My Batman displayed how much current the solar panel put back into the batteries and I have been busted trying to tune the panel to get the best current output! The Batman is so accurate, that it shows the usage in 0.1 Amp increments, so you can see every little change.

When enjoying the silence of the bush, the last thing you want to do is fire up the engine and leave it idling for a few hours to recharge the batteries. This will most certainly irritate your fellow campers and not to mention the wildlife (which will suddenly become very scarce).


The Batman Battery Monitor displays the voltage of the batteries, current (amperes) being used or replaced, current used per hour and how much of the batteries' capacity has been used. All this info helps you understand your batteries so much better, as well as ensure that you will always be prepared.


An added bonus is when you start your engine, you can also see how much current your alternator is delivering to your extra batteries. Another very helpful feature is the back light on the display itself, so even at night you can still monitor your batteries.


I found this device to be very helpful and precise. The Batman shows you what you need to know and helps you understand your vehicle's charging system and current consumption. It is an essential item for any camping trip whether over-landing, or just visiting the coast for a few days!


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