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KF ImportTech - Car and Motorcycle Show 2009 in Norway



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From 6-8 of March 2009, KF ImportTech attended the Gatebil/mc2009 Fair in Lillestrøm Norway. This is the biggest motorcycle and custom street car show in Norway and received over 27 000 visitors during the 3 days that it was open. This was an incredible new attendance record for the successful Gatebil/mc2009 Show, and included customers from many different markets.



Gatebil is Norway’s biggest street car community with over 100 000 visitors to their meetings and shows. They arrange four weekends during the summer months with a lot of interesting cars.



KF ImportTech has had great success with the Gatebil/mc2009 Show. They showed off products from Perfect Power and had a good response from a large number of customers. They also displayed products from their other partners such as; Innovate Motorsports, Phormula Knock Detection and Rilon Welding Company. They were the only company to display products in this range and it was a big success.



The product that attracted the most interest was the new Perfect Power standalone product range – the XMS4. Customers were amazed with the XMS4’s functions and features, and were even more impressed at its affordable price!



KF ImportTech has its own project car that is being rebuilt and a Perfect Power XMS4-4A Engine Management System will be installed. They are planning a dyno run in April to map the car, and hope to get about 450bhp. They have several customers waiting for the results and comments regarding this particular installation. Watch this space for more information on the installation and results!

KF Importech - Car and Motorcycle Show 2009 in Norway


KF Importech - Car and Motorcycle Show 2009 in Norway KF Importech - Car and Motorcycle Show 2009 in Norway KF Importech - Car and Motorcycle Show 2009 in Norway



Article done by Kristian Flaem from KF ImportTech
Perfect Power Dealer - Norway