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The XMS - Tried and Tested


Perfect Power Articles.


From when we advertised the release of the XMS, we are slightly over due to say the least. Finally here we are with some results and stories!!!

After extensive research on features and pricing we have come up with this final release.

The units has been tried and tested on several engines, all with great success and power. Utilizing wide band lambda closed loop tuning for perfect fuel mixtures through all conditions and rev ranges.

The one engine which ran its race in January with outstanding results was a Ford 1800 ztec engine. This engine made 150kw on the flywheel! Okay some engine mods where done to accomplish this.


Two days before race day the car went out for it’s first test on the new unit. I was so confident with the unit that I decided no even to go to the track. Of course as Murphy has it something went wrong!

After 5 flawless laps the engine died and hence the phone call. I jump in the car with every piece of electronic equipment and it’s off to the track.

The XMS - Tried and Trusted


On arrival I see the race-car going around the track. This being very confusing to me as the engine just died, I was told.

But all was not well. After 4 laps this time the engine again just died. I checked everything through and even replaced the unit and Mega Spark. Thinking that these might be getting to hot under the bonnet. Next session resulted in 3 fine laps then dead again.


When the car finally managed to limp back to the pits I knew that this was not a management problem!

As the car pulled in I asked to have the car started again. The fuel pump was making a racket with very little return back to the tank, plus lots of air. Only to find the fuel filter was back to front. We thought we had it, but no success.

That was the end of track day, back to the workshop.

A proper surge tank and pump assembly was fitted resulting in a quite pump with a clean and clear return back to the tank. This lasted all of 6 laps before the pump finally threw in the towel, and only 2 hours before qualifying. A brand new pump, from the agents, was bought and fitted.

Qualifying resulted in a flawless run with reasonable lap times, as there was never any time to set suspension we had to fly the settings.

Race day was a clean and clear run with only smiles on all faces. The XMS recorded zero faults and max temp of either unit was never exceeded.

Max recorded revs was 9200rpm and engine temp of 105 degrees Celsius.