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The Ultimate Street Car Challenge


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The Ultimate Street Car Challenge The Ultimate Street Car Challenge The Ultimate Street Car Challenge


Perfect Power sponsored the Ultimate Street Car Challenge, which was held at the Westbank raceway.

The aim of this event was to find the best/fastest all round car and driver. With four different timed events ranging from the standard quarter mile to a special rally stage, some very interesting and hair raising racing was seen!!!! A total of 64 cars entered this unique event. Cars such as the Ultima GTR from Stuart Kidgell and the 1000hp Porsche of Willie de Beer plus the new Ford Noble that came through on day to show off it’s stuff! This event will be held twice a year for those wishing to compete and once again Perfect Power will be there!! Hats off to Sav from Savspeed (a Perfect Power dealer of course) who organized and competed in this Ultimate event!