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Perfect Power Race Meeting at Zwartkops


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The Perfect Power marketing team went out in full force for a business / fun day at Zwartkops Raceway. The aim was to show off our Perfect Power controlled Lotus (2 l, Z-Tech, 16 Valve) This little racer is fitted with an XMS Engine Management System and a MEGA-SPARK 2 channel ignition boost amplifier from Perfect Power. The XMS is the top performer of the entire Engine Management System range. In this instance it was only called upon to control ignition timing, injection, fuel pump, fan, idle motor, and lambda. To further enhance performance, a MAP pressure sensor was fitted for accurate mapping over the entire range.



We strategically positioned ourselves next to a Hot-Dog stand, only to find out that they were in fact selling ice cold beers as well.



There are people in the company who simply do not believe that this was totally by accident and entirely unintentionally. We did however assist in the prevention of overheating of a few of the beers ourselves.

Perfect Power Race Meeting at Zwartkops


We wanted to paste a photograph here of our stand next to the Hot-Dog Stand, but someone forgot to insert the memory stick or something into the camera, so we don’t have a photo of us enjoying our ice-cold beer. Oh well, we have included a photo of the little red Lotus instead.