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Fastcar Performance and Dyno Challenge Day

Fastcar Performance and Dyno Challenge Day




"Perfect Power's PRS2 manages the engine and the output is an impressive 140KW @ 7700RPM."




The Perfect Power 4-Cylinder Team (Rolf, Peter, Kirsten and Silvia) embarked on a trip to one of our Dealers, Fastcar Performance, located in Kwazulu-Natal (KZN), South Africa.

We arrived on Friday, 15 August 2003 and spent the afternoon with the owner, Rino Divano and his team, getting to know his workshop. Peter and Rino worked their technical magic and managed to get a “non-performing” car into a car of “puurrrfect performance”! While busy in the workshop, I was tempted by Byron, the chief mechanic, for a spin in the recently converted VW Polo Playa. This little rocket had a 1.8L 20V Audi engine, with Toyota RSi throttles, gas flowed head with 280 degree solid lifter cams. Perfect Power’s PRS2 unit manages the engine and the output is an impressive 140KW @ 7700RPM. You can imagine how I looked after this adrenaline rush! And “Schumacher” Byron, said that some fine tuning was still required - WOW! I guess you can never have enough power!

After listening to the entertaining story about Andre Pillay and his experience on the winding KZN roads, we left in high spirits and looked forward to the next day.

At last the day dawned - Saturday, 16 August 2003. Fastcar Performance had arranged a 4-Cylinder Dyno Challenge day. Any 4-Cylinder car was eligible to enter and Fastcar identified various classes for cars to be entered into. The aim was to measure the amount of power (Kw) that the engine produced on one Dyno run.

We were very excited about what was in store for the day. Rino had advertised in the major newspapers and distributed pamphlets, so a busy day was expected. We arrived donned in our Perfect Power gear and surveyed the well organised area. The Hyper Power Dynometer was ready for all the action and Dot Divano, made us all a delicious cup of coffee.

While things were still quiet, we spent some time chatting to Richard Vaughan, who competes in the KZN Rally Regionals in the S2 class. His rally car is sponsored by Fastcar Performance and has a 1.6L Golf engine, 8V with 288 degree solid lifter cam and big valve gas flowed head. Electronic fuel-injection is controlled by Perfect Power's SMT6 and the output is an amazing 107KW @ 7400RPM! Rino says that “there were rumors of protesting the engine at the last event, as some felt that it couldn't possibly be a 1600! Richard’s navigator is his wife, Natasha and together they make a winning team!

It didn’t take long before the adrenaline junkies flocked to Fastcar to put their cars to the test. Byron was kept on his toes by driving the cars onto the Dyno, correctly positioning the wheels and then running the Dyno. When it comes to positioning precision…Byron’s your man!

VWs and Opels were by far the most popular entries. The Toyota RunX also featured and we discovered that as stock standard vehicles, the Kw rating was way under the manufacturer’s specifications. Hondas, Renaults, Fords and a Fiat also featured at the Dyno Challenge. Listening to the engine whine past 5000 RPM in third gear and hitting speeds of over 120Km was exhilarating!

We had the opportunity to connect the Perfect Power Windows tuning software to both an SMT6 and a PRS4 unit. The two different cars were both fitted by Fastcar Performance. The SMT6 was installed into a VW Polo Playa and the PRS4 was installed into a VW Caddy. Both their results were excellent. The 1.6i VW Polo pushed out 85 Kw and the 2L 16V VW Caddy pushed out 145Kw! With a data projector, we were able to show other performance enthusiasts what the Perfect Power software looked like and how it worked - real time.

The overall winner of the day was an Opel 2.0L 16V Turbo owned by Preason Naidoo. This beauty pushed 333Kw after its second run!! It was allowed to have a second run after its first run pushed 271Kw. Everyone present was so impressed with this reading (and I think we all wished that our own cars could do the same!).

Other specialities that were on the dyno were an early 1970’s FIAT (rear wheel drive), a fully restored 1970’s Ford Escort and a Ford Sierra XRS 4-Cyl 8V.

Everyone’s hunger was kept at bay thanks to Claiton, Rino’s son, and his team who sold delicious boerewors rolls and cool drink. Dot, Rino’s wife, was also there ensuring that everything was running smoothly and that any assistance needed was attended to. Of course, we cannot forget the effort of Richard Gatlish and Andre Pillay, who patiently strapped the cars onto the Dyno. Richard, being the engineering guru, was also responsible for working out the correction factors when all the results were tallied.

At the end of the exciting day, Rino handed well-deserved trophies to th e over all winner and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners in each class. The beaming faces were testament that everyone had a great time. The Dyno Challenge Day was a huge success!

Thanks to Rino and his awesome team: Dot, Claiton, Byron Terhorst, Richard Gatlish, Richard and Natasha Vaughan and Andre Pillay. Thanks too, to all the enthusiastic people that supported the challenge.