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Easy Installation on a Toyota 4 Runner in the USA


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This week's feature articles comes from Louis Ott, one of our dealers in the USA, who did an installation on a Toyota 4 Runner. His comment to us was : "It's not too exciting. No blown engines. No firing wires. NO software glitches. Soon as we got the global settings figured out, they just worked.". For us it is quite exciting; it just goes to show that the SMT6 is not only small and lightweight, but, with a little help from the dealers, also easy to install.


Here is Louis' full article :

 "My work in selling Perfect Power products is focused on selling to customers who do not have a Perfect Power dealer or installer nearby. This means that I do a lot of email and telephone instruction to customers on installation, configuration, and tuning techniques. When a Toyota 4 Runner owner contacted me with questions about installing a SMT on his almost stock 1998 4 Runner, I was pleased because he lived only about an hour and a half away, and could come to my shop. I also found out that he was technically competent, computer experienced, already knew a lot about his vehicle and had the wiring diagrams. How much luckier could I get? He brought his vehicle over to my shop and he did the installation without needing much help from me. We had some trouble figuring out the proper global settings for the SMT6, and tried a SMT5. The 5 worked perfectly. Later, we tried a SMT6 on his 4 Runner with correct global settings and it worked as well.


The SMT6 logging function which records the oxygen sensor voltage, along with other parameters, is a big help to get the mixture set and an acceleration measuring device such as the "Road Dyno" or "On Track" helps get the ignition timing optimized. The 4 Runner owner found the SMT particularly helpful in getting the most out of his ride. Toyota has apparently attuned the 4 Runner a bit and there is noticeably more available from the 3.4 liter V6 that can be tapped by leaning the mixture and advancing the spark timing in the right places.


Since the first installation, I've sold 5 more SMT5 and SMT6 units to other 4 Runner owners based mostly on that first owner's recommendation on a 4 Runner email list. The wildest SMT6 tuned 4 Runner has a larger MAF from Toyota Supra, higher flow (370cc) injectors, and a supercharger. Without the SMT, it wouldn't run above a very rough idle speed. With the SMT, the owner has a big smile.