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TVR Twin Turbo


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There was one thing that had to be said when this car arrived at my shop - WOW!


Here was an engine bay that was impressive to say the least - twin turbo V8 5.0 liter engine with inter-cooler and two neatly placed extra injectors - all professionally done by Alpine Developments in Johannesburg. A race car with enormous potential!

After wiring in the PRS 8 system and doing some corrective wiring in the engine bay it was off to the dyno. When the car had settled in on the dyno, once again at Alpine Developments, we calmly strapped in the front tires and started mapping.



Before long we had smoking tires and two very worried looking passengers. With 0.5 bar boost the final figures were an astonishing 350kw and 900 nm of torque.

TVR Twin Turbo


 At the track these figures were justified. After the first race a new set of rear tires was a must.


 Race two was no different, it was apparent that bigger rubber was needed at the rear. Stopping this animal was now also a problem. Bigger APR disks and calipers were fitted. The car is now FLYING!


TVR Twin Turbo TVR Twin Turbo