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Idle Control


Perfect Power Articles.


Idle control is defined as controlling the idle fuel and idle air by monitoring the RPM. This is required if an automatic transmission or an air-conditioner is used. All Perfect Power Systems have idle control.


The idle control (motor, valve!) is a device, which is installed "parallel/bypassing" the butterfly, thus providing an extra air pass when the butterfly is closed. The idle motor is operated by the fuel injection system in response to the RPM, and the fuel is adjusted in accordance with the manifold pressure airflow.


Two idle motors are on the market:


  • 2 wire device: It is a spring loaded to the closed position, and has two connections.
  • 3 wire device: It has three wires, and is electrically driven to any position.


The XMS4 range of stand-alone systems are compatible with the two wire idle motors.