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Fuel Consumption and Fuel Efficiency


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Gone are the days of cheap fuel. While the increase in fuel prices will affect you in some way, there are ways to help minimise the affect and allow you to do your part to help save the environment. We could all get smaller more economical cars, ride bicycles to work or even just work from home to reduce the fuel expense. Some where along the line we will have to drive our cars and then we will be driving in such a way to save fuel.

But what if your car’s engine is just not efficient and regardless of your driving style, there is no way of improving your fuel consumption. Well, there is hope. A Perfect Power piggy back chip can tune your engines usage to use the most economical amount of fuel, resulting in saving fuel, saving the environment and in the long run saving you money.



The Fuel consumption is the energy efficiency of a particular vehicle and is given as a ratio of the distance traveled per unit of fuel consumed. Fuel efficiency is expressed in miles per gallon (mpg) or kilometers per litre (km/L). The reciprocal ratio, “fuel consumption” is usually expressed in liters per 100 kilometers (L/100km) or miles per gallon (mpg).


If you are measuring distance per volume of fuel, such as miles per gallon or kilometers per liter, then a higher number would indicate more efficiency. If you are measuring volume per distance, such as liters per 100 Km, then a smaller number would indicate more efficiency.


Fuel consumption depends on the following criteria:


  • Engine efficiency to convert fuel to rotary motion
  • Engine setup
  • Driving style
  • Aerodynamics


There are only two aspects that you can change, Engine efficiency and Driving Style, the rest are attributed to your make and model of your vehicle.



Driving style is the biggest contributor to poor fuel consumption. Aggressive acceleration, braking and speeding all contribute to poor fuel consumption; by as much as 30%. Driving at a constant economical speed on the highway can result in the best fuel consumption. Depending on your vehicles engine and aerodynamics, optimal fuel economy speed is normally around 80Km/H, thereafter the fuel consumption decreases as speed increase.


Other factors can also have an effect on increasing fuel consumption:


  • Weather conditions
  • Driving at night
  • Altitude
  • Tuning
  • Traveling Speed
  • Excessive idling – Traffic conditions
  • Unnecessary load or luggage in boot
  • Incorrect Tyre pressure
  • Wrong gears, high engine speed
  • Fuel quality, record fuel pump brand when you fill up
  • Unnecessary Braking
  • Clogged up air filter



Our Perfect Power piggy back units are able to tune your engine to become 100% efficient, allowing your engine to deliver its optimal power per drop of fuel. The piggy back chip will work together with your existing ECU to provide the best tune map for your engine. With the piggy back unit installed for fuel consumption improvements, you probably will get longer life out of your engine because it is running efficiently (less carbon build up and cleaner oil). Making your engine efficient with a piggy back chip could save you 15%.


Having your air filter cleaned or replaced regularly will also effect your fuel consumption by as much as 10%. Should you decide to change your air filter for a K&N filter, then this is where the piggy back chip comes to its own. A free flowing or bigger air filter will change the equilibrium of your engine making it less efficient and possibly lose power as well. With a piggy back unit installed, this could be tuned to be perfect again, easily and efficiently. The tuning of our Perfect Power piggy back products is intuitive and simply requires a laptop and tuning software. With your engine in a Perfectly tuned state and with improved driving style, you are going to be saving the maximum amount of fuel money per month.


The remote display on the SMT8T will show you in real time the fuel being used, allowing you to adjust your driving style to again reduce your fuel consumption even more. This feature will be coming soon to all our piggy back chips. All our new units can drive our Dash Display unit which will give you live in real time, engine data that you have setup within the software. The Dash Display is your eye into the live operational engine conditions that comes standard with all of our piggy back chips. Only Perfect Power piggy back chips have a display output!!


The answer to all fuel consumption problems and installation questions must come from your friendly perfect power tuning garage (Dealer). He knows your make of engine, and he can advise you what is possible in your circumstance. He may analyze your exhaust gas under various load conditions, and tell you what he can do for you. The analysis will take about 10 minutes while you wait and worth the wait. It will be your first step in saving money and saving the environment.



It is impossible to guarantee improving the fuel economy of a particular model. There are too many variables affecting it. It is advisable to consult a reputable engine tuner to make sure your vehicle is properly tuned to ensure that the engine is optimized for fuel efficiency which will result in fuel saving. Driving style improvements will result in fuel savings and improved fuel consumption.