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Save Fuel, Save Money


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Fuel consumption in today’s world with the fuel prices going higher and higher, is on everyone’s lips. We believe the days of cheap fuel are over. We could all get smaller more economical cars, ride bicycles to work or even just work from home to reduce the fuel expense, but some where along the line we will have to drive our cars and then we will be driving in such a way as to save fuel. For more information read  the Fuel Consumption Article.


However, what if your car’s engine is just not efficient and regardless on your driving style, there is no way of improving your fuel consumption. Well, there is hope. A Perfect Power SMT8T piggy back chip can tune your engines usage to use the most economical amount of fuel, resulting in saving fuel, saving the environment and in the long run saving you money.


The SMT8T is a very user friendly chip that comes with a remote display. The remote display will show you in real time the fuel being used, allowing you to adjust your driving style to again reduce your fuel consumption even more. With your engine in a Perfect tuned state and with improved driving style, you are going to be saving the maximum amount of fuel money per month.