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USB/RS232/Wireless Communication in Perfect Power Products


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Communication with any of our products was traditionally RS232. In recent times the PC’s or laptops have been updated from RS232 communication to USB and have no longer got RS232 ports and unfortunately the available adapters are not very reliable. For this reason we have converted all of our products to USB 2.0. The increased speed is very good because the data exchange between the units and the PC becomes increasingly larger.

The XMX4A and XMS4B and the SMT8, SMT8L and new SMT8T_5 have USB ports.

The USB port has one drawback: The communication cable is relatively short, and noise from the engine (ignition) is transferred to the PC, and the PC ‘jams/freezes’. This can be reduced to an acceptable level by placing interference ferrite in the communication cable. See Ferrite Cores under our Accessories.

An alternate communication is the wireless at 2.4GHz. This system requires a little ‘pod’ WirX, which converts USB 2.0 to wireless. It is not possible to link into a laptop directly. The wireless communication can work with 8 different units if they are on power. The distance is approx. 30 meters and depends on the surroundings.  The wireless communication helps when the unit is installed under the dashboard. Communication speed is in the 120KB/sec and delays are not noticeable. Interference from the car is not present.


USB is great; wireless is second best unless special circumstances demand it; RS232 is on its way out!

All our Perfect Power products are now working on USB Communication, except for the SMT6 piggy-back unit which we are hopefully soon going to introduce with USB communication.