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In a modern automotive ignition system a high current driver activates the ignition coil. This driver converts a signal (low current, milli-amps) to a high current suitable for the ignition coil. The current is in the 4-10 Ampere range. The driver is separated from the ECU because of electrical noise and interference. In Coil-On-Plug (COP) designs the driver is in the coil.

Perfect Power has two ignition drivers; both accept a positive input voltage and output a negative coil voltage.

BLUEFIRE: This is a 4 channel, 10 Ampere driver

MEGASPARK: This is a 2 channel, 20 Ampere driver

Both drivers are intelligent: The current through the coil is measured, and if it exceeds the preset limit, the current is switched off. This is a safeguard against a short circuit.

Both units have LED indications to tell about the activation of a channel, and if a fault was detected.