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Ethanol Conversion


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Ethanol is great for performance and is good for the environment and for road use. Wherever you use it, you need to put approx. 30% more into the engine if you use an E85 pump mixture. This mixture contains 15% of carbon fuel and 85% of Ethanol.

Since Ethanol has a very high Octane rating (it is off the chart), the octane rating is presumed to be 109. Good stuff for racing! The bad point of Ethanol is that it has a very high flash point, and thus a cold car has starting problems.

If you can guarantee your tank mixture to be E85 or E0 (carbon fuel, no Ethanol) then things are simple. However, if you are mixing E85 and E0, then the fuel addition must be anything in-between 0-30%. This adjustment can be made manual or automatic.

Since the Ethanol octane rating is very high a power gain is guaranteed. Further more the engine can be operated at leaner mixtures because the raised cylinder temperature will do no harm. This means that you can operate the engine at 18-25% addition on E85 with no ill effects.


Perfect Power is in the process of developing new Ethanol conversions units:

E4E_A        Most economical unit, non-reversible harness, manual adjust
E4E_B        4 Cylinders, reversible harness, manual adjust
E4E_C        PC tunable, with semiautomatic Ethanol recognition, reversible harness
E4E_D        Same as ‘C’ but with Lambda (AFR) sensing


Current Perfect Power products that can do Ethanol conversions:

E-Tune 4 cylinder units
E-Tune 6 cylinder units

The installation is DIY, but requires a little consideration. All units connect to the injector harness. Since there are two wires to each injector, the wiring must be made to the correct wire if the unit has a ‘NON-REVERSIBLE’ harness, the installer must choose the correct pairing. The correct connection is indicated on the unit for each cylinder. A ‘REVERSIBLE’ harness means that you can connect the wires in any way you want, the unit itself chooses the correct wire. Of course, the easy connection comes with a price penalty.

All units come with a ‘manual adjust’ potentiometer; in the semi-automatic units it is used for calibration. The potentiometer must be mounted underneath the dashboard, so that it is out of the way, but accessible to the driver. The manual adjust allows you to adjust the fuel addition to your liking. If you are cruising on E85, a 15% (middle setting) is called for. If you are towing a boat at high speed, then the full addition is required.

The manual fuel addition adjust is supplemented from the engine AFR loop, which has an approx. range of +-10%. That means if you adjust to 15%, but the engine needs 30%, then it will adjust 10% up to 25%, which is acceptable for normal operation.

Each unit comes with a temperature sensor, which must be mounted (taped to a hose) on the engine. It should not measure the air temperature, but something close to the engine temperature. The exact measuring position and reading are unimportant: the reading is used for cold starting only.

All units have a cold start circuit, which our controllers are famous for. It was tested in a cold storage compartment. We managed to start engines at –16 Degrees C on the first attempt, and drive away within 30 seconds. However, you need a good battery for these cold conditions.



SMT8-FT Piggy-Back Unit



Ethanol is great for racing and road use. You ‘mileage per tank’ is less, so is the price. The extra Octane pays off. The cold starting problems are manageable! Choose a unit which suits you!
Current Perfect Power products that can do Ethanol conversions:


E-Tune 4 cylinder units
E-Tune 6 cylinder units


We will shortly be releasing the new E4E Ethanol controller range.