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VW Jetta XMS4 Installation


Perfect Power Installations.


Installation done by Ryan Demoser


VW Jetta XMS4 Installation VW Jetta XMS4 Installation VW Jetta XMS4 Installation


My Mk2 VW Jetta had a motor swop done to a 2 liter 8 valve unit and a normal U-flow head and turbocharged.
Currently there is a cross flow 8 valve head in place, T3/T4 Precision 5857 turbo, and a few other essential bits to make it reliable.
My previous management system was working properly and was running reliably for over 6 years with no issues at all.


It was tuned a few times by different tuners after a few different tuners but only performed really well after Stephan had his turn.
He also advised me to rather get a Perfect Power system and also advised me to get the XMS4 . I was stunned at what the little blue boxes are capable of doing after speaking to various people who have the Perfect Power set ups and after doing my own research.


Installation was honestly very easy after I re-read the manual a few times. The previous management ran with a normal distributor and I had a wide band Lambda display in the car as well, but the Perfect Power is now connected to run with a 60-2 crank sensor that was in the motor already for extremely accurate timing control and the dizzy is now cut shorter (so the oil pump still works) so the whole set-up is much neater.
The XMS unit I received was the XMS4B Wireless along with a Blue-Fire unit and as mentioned, no issues with the wiring side of things. Anyone who has had any experience with wiring up any other management system will be able to wire up a Perfect Power system, it is that easy. Throttle position sensor, MAP sensor, water temperature, etc is all hooked up through the XMS4 as well.
VW Jetta XMS4 Installation


Also fitted is a Bosch LSU4.2 lambda sensor in the turbo down pipe, and the XMS4 handles the fueling. This it does beautifully and while driving, I can feel the long term trim in effect sorting out the fueling.
Fuel consumption while driving normally is also quite a bit better than the previous management, and that is due to the wide band Lambda part of the XMS working it's magic.

Overall drive-ability is also very much improved over the old system, but thanks must go to Perfect Power and the tuner Stephan Van Tonder.


This XMS4 has been in my car for a few months now, and it was worth every cent.
I would recommend this system to anyone who wants, in my opinion, the best aftermarket standalone management made here in SA.


Ryan Demoser