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XMS5A Features | Perfect Power


Perfect Power Stand Alone Unit.

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Speed Input

The XMS5A range has a road speed input, which can be calibrated to show the exact speed. Required is a 0-5 Volt signal from the speedometer, the differential, or a wheel nut. The output is in meter/second and Km/Hour (or Miles/Hour). The acceleration is also available in meter/second (square).


Dyno Feature

From the speed input the unit can calculate time, distance or end speed depending on the selected start and end conditions. The start conditions are : TPS Voltage, RPM, Speed (Road Speed). The end conditions are : Speed, Distance, Time and RPM. It is very easy to determine that the modification (mechanical or tuning) you did was effective by driving the car on the same stretch of road. In addition the unit is programmed for a 1/4 mile run and will supply you with the horse power determined by the end-speed-method or the end-time method.


Display Feature

The units have a display connection. The display itself is not part of the kit and must be purchased separately. Up to 8 displays can be connected to a unit. The information on the display can be selected from the PC and various processing methods can be chosen for each display available. The "mirror" option allows the display to be connected in a "heads-up" installation.