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SMT8-T Features | Perfect Power


Perfect Power Piggy-Back Unit.


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Injection Map with 384 Sites

Fine Tuning The Extra Injector or Boost

Ignition Map with 384 Sites

Fine Ignition Tuning

Analogue Map with 384 Sites

Smooth Tuning of Fuel

Boost Management Maps

72 Sites in 2D to Control Accurate Boost Pressure

PWM/FREQ Map With 384 Sites

For Freq Based Air Flow Meter

Balanced Inputs

Inverted Outputs

3 Amp Injector Drive

Handles 4 to 16 Ohm Injectors

0-5 Volt Input Range

Allows Tuning for Most Models

Small Size

Smaller than the SMT6 / Fits Anywhere

RPM Calibration

To Suit Your Installation

High RPM Range

Ideal For Racing

Ignition Tuning With Compensation

Safely Tuning Your Engine With Protection


For Moisture and Dust Protection

Very Low Power Consumption

Has Less Interference To the Host ECU

Power Supply Voltage 8-36V

Bad Voltage Spikes or Dips Will Not Affect Operations

All Inputs Protected

No Mishaps While Installing

Various Ignition Outputs

For The Most Stringent Applications

Dyno Setup Screen

Road Dyno Setup for Displaying Real Values

Auto Programmable Cylinders

It Works On Any Amount of Cylinders

Ignition Output Limit

Limits Max. Advance and Retard

Can Handle Interlaced Signal

For 4 Cylinders Ignition Output Tuning

Easy Tuning Software

Managed by LetRipp II Software Intuitive Interface

Missing Tooth Signal

For Up to 2 Teeth Advance/Retard

20 MIPS Computing

To Facilitate Quick Engine Response

Signal Conditioning

To Prevent Miss Trigger

Start Seconds

Delay Ignition Control From Cranking

Analogue Limits

Clamp Analogue Signal Going To The ECU


Under Extreme Conditions, Save The Engine

Firmware Re-Flash

Update The Firmware Code via USB Port

High Speed USB 2

Fast USB Communication For High Data Transfer

Load Default

A Pre-Programmed Set of Default Maps

Lambda Modification

Modification of Lambda Sensor Readings

AMP Calibration

To Suit Your Installation

Engine Temperature Calibration

To Suit Your Stock Engine Sensor

TPS Calibration

Load or Deflection Calibration To Suit Your Installation

Real Time Error Detection

Real Time Indication of Errors When in LetRipp II Software

Data Display

Real Time Assignable Indication of Input/Output Values

Data Logging

Real Time Data Logging of All Data On PC

Logging Playback

Playback Into Software, Emulating Connected SMT8-T


Store Convenient Software Screen Layouts

All Main Maps Have Two Side Maps

Engine Temperature and AMP Provide a Realistic Tuning Dimension

AMP Extrapolation

Switchable For Even Smoother Pressure Transitions

Inverse TPS

For Those 1.8T Audi and VW, i.e. GTI Applications

Test Simulation

On-board Test Simulation For Offline Engine Conditions