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SMT8-L Features | Perfect Power


Perfect Power Piggy-Back Unit.


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System Definition

Tailor The Unit To Your Application

Ignition Advance / Retard Limits

Restricts Ignition Modification Range

Start Second Specification

Prevents Action After Power-Up

Analogue Upper/Lower Limits

Prevents Analogue Over-Ranging

Frequency Modification

Tune a Frequency Airflow Meter

Frequency Upper/Lower Limit

Prevents Frequency Over-Ranging

Boost Control

Controls The Turbo Boost

Boost Loop Gain Parameter

Set The Boost Control Gain

Cut Protection Action

Signal Cut When Protected

Retard Protection Action

Retards Ignition When Protected

Modify Protection Action

Proportional Protection

Frequency Protection

Protects a Frequency Signal

AMP Protection

Protects an AMP Signal

Engine Temp. Protection

Protects The Engine Temperature

Air Temp. Protection

Protects the Air Temperature

RPM Protection

Protects RPM

Time Before Protection Action

Specify Time Before Action Takes Place

Ignition Window

For Not So Perfect Crank Signals

Analog Modification Channels

Allows You To Map Three Engine Signals

Wide Band AFR Modification

Allows One Wide band AFR Tuning

Narrow Band AFR Modification

Allows Two Narrow band AFR Tuning

External Display Specification

Tailor Your Display Needs

TPS Calibration

Adapt To Your TPS Sensor

TPS Direction

Specify Up/Down Direction

Engine Temp. Calibration

Two-Point Adaptation To Your Engine

AMP Calibration

Linear Adaptation To Your Engine Sensor

RPM Calibration

Set The Operating Range

External Display Testing

Verifies The External Display Function

Teeth Per Injection Setting

Operates The External Injector Timing

Teeth Per Crank Turn

Adapt To Your Crank Trigger Wheel

Edges Per Crank Turn

Adapt To Your Crank Trigger Wheel

Ignition Map With 384 Points

For Three Dimensional Ignition Tuning

Ignition AMP Map

Provides AMP Ignition Tuning

Ignition Engine Temp. Map

Provides Engine Temperature Ignition

Ignition Air Temp. Map

Provides Air Temp. Ignition Tuning

7 Steps Per Degree Ignition

Very Fine Ignition Replication

Injection Map With 384 Points

Two Maps For Two Injection Activation

Injection AMP Side Map

Provides AMP Injection Tuning

Injection Engine Temp. Side Map

Provides Engine Temp. Injection Tuning

Injection Air Temp. Side Map

Provides Air Temp. Injection Tuning

Analogue Maps With 384 Points

For Fine Tuning Of Two Analogue Signals

Analogue AMP Side Map

Provides Analogue AMP Tuning

Analogue Engine Temp. Side Map

Provides Analogue Engine Temp. Tuning

Analogue Air Temp. Side Map

Provides Analogue Air Temp. Tuning

Frequency or PWM Tuning

Both Signals Can Be Tuned

Frequency Map With 384 Points

For Fine Tuning a Frequency/PWM Signal

Frequency AMP Side Map

Provides Frequency AMP Tuning

Frequency Engine Temp. Side Map

Provides Frequency Engine Temp. Tuning

Frequency Air Temp. Side Map

Provides Frequency Air Temp. Tuning

Boost Basic PWM Setting

Two PWM Settings For Different Loads

Boost Air Temp. Map

Different PWM Settings For Air Temp.

Boost Target Map

Precise Boost Target Control

Manual Map Switching

From The Dashboard

PC Map Switching

For Loading Set Ups Into Different Maps

USB 2.0 Communication

Communication And Optional Power

Built-In Factory Test

With Dates and Results

Administration Text Field

For Saving Manufacturing Data

Dealer Info Text Field

For Dealer Identification

Branding Text Field

Branding Information

Password Text Field

Access Control

Maximum RPM Recording

User Retrievable Recording

Maximum Engine Temp. Record

User Retrievable

Maximum Air Temperature

User Retrievable

Maximum AMP Recording

User Retrievable

Fault Indication On All Major Items

Easy Installation And Trouble Shooting

Re-Flash Enabled

Upgradeable In The Field

Comprehensive Help Text

Easy Understanding Without Manual

14 Point Hardware Test Procedure

Tests Every Hardware Function

Engine Real-Time Data

For Monitoring And Display