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SMT8_X Features | Perfect Power


Perfect Power Piggy-Back Unit.


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Reduce Fuel Consumption During Low

Loads and Light Cruising

The Unit Can Tune Airflow, Ignition And AFR

The Unit Can Tune Two Sets Of Lambda Probes

It Can Tune Two Narrow (After CAT) Probes

and Display the AFR (Lambda)

It Can Tune Two Wide Band LSU-4 or

Denso Probes (Before CAT)

Both Probe Sets Can Be Tuned Independently

Or Together

Fuel Reductions of up to 15% are Possible

Without Ignition Tuning

Ignition Tuning is Recommended When

Good Fuel is Available

Two Maps, Switchable From The Dashboard

For Tuning Maps with 384 Sites Each

Easy Installation Without Ignition

Display Output For Optional External Display

Display Can Select One of Eight Preselected