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I-Switch Features | Perfect Power


Intelligent Switch.


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I-Switch Features

The unit has the following channels

  • 2 x RPM monitoring from a crank signal
  • 3 x Analogue Input Monitoring
  • 1 x Pulse Monitoring (Road Speed, Other)
  • 4 x Digital Input Monitoring
  • 4 x Timing Delays
  • 2 x PWM Activation

The solid state outputs are good for 3 Amps and can drive injectors or solenoids with a PWM signal under the control of any other or all of the other channels. The relay outputs have NO, NC contacts and are rated at 10Amp. The awesome capabilities are unlimited!


The unit is organized around the well-known SETPOINT procedure common to most Perfect Power products with one addition : Switch if RPM less than...


Input Combining : One input can be "combined" with any other input in an "AND" or "OR" functionality. Example : Switch if RPM is greater than...AND if analogue Input#1 is less than...

Daisy Chaining : The combined input (Analog#1 in the case above) can be the combination of other channels. Example : Switch if RPM is greater than...AND if Analog input#1 is less than...OR analog #2 is greater than...


Each of the four outputs can be assigned to any of the processes below. The processes include Virtual inputs and outputs as follows :

The unit has 4 time delay circuits. Each delay consists of an independent timer, which is set via the set point screen. A time delay is triggered when it is assigned to a process as an output. It is also available as a virtual input, and can be combined with any other inputs. Eventually, it can produce an output. Example : Switch an output on 3.5 seconds after the RPM has exceeded its limit.