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Blue-Fire Dual Channel Specifications | Perfect Power


Dual Channel Ignition Amplifier.


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Blue-Fire Dual Channel Ignition Amplifier.



Supply Voltage Range : 9-28 VDC

Current Demand From Battery : Typically below 20mA

Input Voltage To Trigger : Above 1.0V to 1.5V (above 5V recommended)

Input/Output Relationship : A positive input voltage will turn the power switch on

Max Switching Current : 25 amps continuous per channel at 25 degrees Celsius.

20 amps continuous per channel at 80 degrees Celsius.

Perfect Power Blue-Fire Dual Channel Ignition Amplifier


  • Supply Voltage Polarity Reversal : Yes
  • Output Terminal Polarity Reversal : Yes
  • Max Output Current : Self Limiting, Temperature Dependent
  • Overload : Yes, Magnitude and Time Depending will eventually bring up over temperature
  • Short Circuit Protection : Yes, pulse by pulse monitoring with instant shutdown above 80 degrees Celsius, cutout with auto-reset function once temperature has dropped to below 80 degrees Celsius.




  • Input Signal Present : Yes, one green LED per channel
  • Output Overloaded/Shorted : Yes, one red LED per channel
  • Over Temperature : Yes, both red LED's flashing
  • System Fault : Yes, both red LED's on continuously.