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Auto Inverter Specifications | Perfect Power


A Perfect Power Peripheral Product.


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Auto Inverter Technical Specifications.



The inverter comprises of 4 individual signal inverters plus 2 separate power drivers, also acting as inverters.


Supply Voltage : 8 to 18 Volts

Temperature Range, Storage : -20 to +80 degrees Celsius

Temperature Range, Operating : -20 to +60 degrees Celsius



Required Input Signal for Inverter Operation :

  • I1, I2, I3 & I4
  • 100 kilo ohm or less (short) to ground to turn output off
  • 100 kilo ohm or more (open circuit) to turn output on
  • Any open input will turn the relevant output on
  • Output current sink capability per channel :50mA

  • Output current source capability per channel : 4mA

Perfect Power Auto Inverter

Required Input Signal for Driver Operation :

  • DR1 & DR2, min of 8V, max of 18V to turn outputs on
  • Input signals below 1V (short to ground) will turn outputs off
  • Output current sink capability per driver : 3 Amps


Protection : The power drivers are protected against short circuit as well as long term overloads.

Indications : The red LED lights up when the 12V supply is connected with correct polarity.


Warning : Power drivers can NOT be used as ignition drivers!