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SMT6 Developers Manual - General Connections


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Support for your SMT6 Unit.




The SMT is powered from a "switched" +12V (+8 to +16V) battery. It takes, depending on the operating mode, 0.02 - 0.1 Amps.


Ground, Chassis, -12V : Black : Pin 1
+Battery, +12V : Red : Pin 1





Once the SMT has power, the RS232 port to the computer (PC) or laptop is working. A three-pin connector provides :

Ground, Chassis, -12V : Pin 1
SMT6 RX (input) : Pin 2
SMT6 TX (output) : Pin 3

The protocol to the unit is propriety, and the unit will only respond to the SMT DOS or  the Windows program.


A connection cable, SMT to D9 PC, is available from the manufacturer.


A good communications link up is indicated by the display of some numbers in the left side of the screen.


The port number can be set.