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SMT6 Developers Manual - External Injector Activation


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The SMT6 has one output, which can drive one to 6 injectors of 16 ohms. The total injector current is limited by 7 Amps, and an optional heat sink must be installed on the  cooling tab (if the injector current is too high). However, since the extra injector(s) is not activated continuously, it is advisable to measure (touch) the cooling tap during injector activation, and if touchable, no heat sink is required. The injector output driver is temperature protected, and will switch "off" if it gets approx. 100 degrees Celsius.


The outputs are :


INJECT Grey/Black Pin 21
PGND Green Pin 9


The following diagram explains the connection :


SMT6 - External Injector Activation


Note : The PGND - Connection draws the injector current of 1-7 Amps. This wire should be connected to the chassis or battery - away from the SMT.GND (Black) Wire.

The injector activation is specified on the INJECTOR screen (F2).


Injection length per ignition is :