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SMT6 Developers Manual - Frequency Fuel Tuning


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Support for your SMT6 Unit.


The SMT6 MODE=10 activates a single ignition signal retard/advance AND the FREQUENCY FUEL modification. In this mode the frequency on the IG2IN is copied to the IG2OUT with the analog fuel modification applied. This mode of fuel tuning is needed for frequency airflow meters, which output a frequency signal proportional to the airflow.

The SMT6 has the following operating range :


High freq or speed: Ø (=Low)
10Hz to 3300Hz (3.3kHz)

High freq or speed: 1 (=High)
80Hz to 18000Hz (18kHz)


The active parameters are :

Cylinders : sets rpm of fuel map
Teeth Per Firing : as above
Fuel Map  
Frequency Deviation : changes the frequency range
A_ENGT changes the effectiveness of the analog map


Note : The SMT Version 6 does not require ignition input or analog deflection, except to select a fuel map modification value. The analog fuel tuning output is active.


Frequency Input : White / Red Pin 5
Frequency Output : White / Blue Pin 17


Note : A pull-up (blue / black, pin 14, 15) may be used on the input for optical or hall  sensors

Note : A positive number increases the frequency and the fuel.