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SMT6 Developers Manual - Wiring


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Support for your SMT6 Unit.


The SMT6 unit has a 24 way connector :


SMT6 - Pin-Out


SMT6 Description Colour
1 Ground, GND, Chassis Black
2 RX-Input  
3 TX-Input  
4 Map Switching Grey
5 IG2IN White/Red
6 AIN, Analog input Blue
7 A-DEFL, Analog Deflection Input Brown
8 IG1IN, Also RPM deflection Yellow
9 Ground (For Extra Injector Driver) Green
10 AMP input Black/White
11 Engine Temp Green/Yellow
12 NC  
13 +13V, Battery Red
14 Pull-Up 4K7 Blue/Black
15 Pull-Up 4K7 Blue/Black
16 AUXOUT Orange
17 IG2OUT White/Blue
18 AOUT, Analog Output Violet
19 IG1SP, Bipolar output of IG1 Pink
20 IG1OUT White
21 Extra Injector Output Grey/Black
22 Oxygen Input Black/Brown
23 NC  
24 NC