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SMT6 Developers Manual - Pulse Width Modulation


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Support for your SMT6 Unit.


The SMT Mode = 13 activates a single ignition retard/advance AND the PWM FUEL modification. In this mode of fuel tuning an independent input frequency is copied to the  output, but the DUTY CYCLE of the input is modified with a value from the fuel map.


This mode is called for tuning values and solenoid opening times, such as proportional CAM control, and boost regulation control.

The following parameters are active :

  • High Freq or Speed
  • Fuel Map Values


Note : The SMT Version 6 does not require RPM or analog deflection, except to select a fuel map value other than in the bottom row.


PWM input : White/Red Pin 5
PWM output : White/Blue Pin 1


Note : A positive number lengthens the duty cycle.


SMT6 - Pulse Width Modulation


SMT6 - Pulse Width Modulation


Samples :

Input duty cycle = 50%

A output : Positive Modulation + 40% = 102 results in 90% out
B ouput : Negative Modulation - 25% = 54 results in 25% out