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E4E-B Installation Guide - Operation


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  • Start the car and observe that it runs smoothly.
  • Observe that the green LED indication flickers.
  • Turn the potentiometer from one end to the other and observe that the engine tune
  • changes. This indicates that you are adding fuel or not.
  • If you are in doubt of the exact fuel/E85 mixture in your tank: put the potentiometer midway.
  • This is not a science project. A proximate position is sufficient, because your engine (ECU) will adjust the fuel amount to the exact required level.
  • Drive the car normal.
  • If you are towing or racing (Speeds above 120Km/H) then don’t read the following.

While driving (light load, cruising) with E85 you can adjust the mixture down until the car ‘struggles’ and then adjust up a little. This saves you up to 20% fuel.

Note: You are exploiting the other property of Ethanol: Its very high Octane rating. The engine will run a little warmer, which easily absorbed by your radiator at light loads.

After a while you will know how your engine reacts to different settings and you will find a mixture, which serves you well until you fill up, and have an ‘unspecified’ mixture in the tank.





These are some guidelines for various tank mixtures:

Undiluted Fuel: Adjust counter clockwise: ZERO  
Unknown mixture: Light load, cruising: Midway
  Heavy load: Midway to full
Undiluted E85: Light load, cruising: Midway to full
  Heavy load: Full