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LetRipp II Software User Guide (Dealer) - Content Index



Perfect Power Online Manuals.


Support for your Perfect Power Unit.


// Introduction


// Minimum PC Requirements


// Installing LetRipp II Software on your PC

/ Getting Started

/ Step 1 - Software Installation

/ DOTNET Framework

/ Step 2 - Installing the USB Drivers (For LetRipp products with USB port)

/ Plugging in the LetRipp II Unit to the USB Port for the First Time

/ Confirming Correct USB Driver & Software Installation

/ No Communication or Incorrect USB Installation

/ Attempting Communication

/ Lost Communication

/ Reinstalling the USB Drivers (After No Communication)


// Uninstalling the LetRipp II Windows Software


// Establishing Communication

/ Connecting To the PC

/ USB Communication

/ RS232 Communication

/ Wireless Communication

/ Checking the Unit's LED Display


// Starting the Software

/ Checking for correct communication

/ Establishing Communication To The Unit

/ Wireless Communication


// Software Features

/ Main Screen Functions

/ Step By Step Help

/ Online and Offline Modes - An Overview

/ Online Mode

/ General Screen

/ Loading a Map File

/ Saving a Map File

/ Viewing The Main Maps

/ Entering Numbers or Values on a Map

/ Data Display

/ Config Screens

/ Help on Items

/ Fault Indication

/ Logging

/ Display Units

/ Tools

/ Locking Map A and Map B

/ Loading The Default Map


// Re-Flash

/ Re-Flash Operation


// History (Optional)


// Icons

// Keyboard Shortcut Keys


// BGW (Black, Grey, White) Introduction (Only Applicable To Dealer Version)

/ Branding The Unit

/ Accessing The Level 3 Access Level

/ Password List For Level 2 Access

/ Accessing The Level 2 Access Level

/ Working With BGW (Black, Grey and White)

/ Logging Out to Level 1 Access

/ Accessing The Dealer Access Level

/ Changing The Password

/ Locking The Software While You're Away From Your PC

/ Loading A Map File

/ An Error When Downloading

/ Saving A Map File

/ Using the Fast Save Function

/ Using The About Window

/ Locking The Map