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SMT5 Developers Manual - Content Index


Perfect Power Online Manuals.


Support for your SMT5 Unit.


// Features and Benefits


// Developing an Application

/ Can The SMT be Applied to the Engine

/ Can The SMT Achieve a Desired Effect

/ Instruments Required


// Fuel Modifications

/ Lambda Tuning

/ Airflow Meter Tuning

/ Manifold Pressure Tuning

/ Extra Injector Tuning

/ Engine Temperature Tuning

/ Air Temperature Tuning


// Ignition Modifications


// Protection


// Operating Modes


// General Connections


// Map Deflection Signals


// Analog Fuel Tuning


// External Injector Activation


// Frequency Fuel Tuning


// One Ignition Input Signal


// Two Ignition Input Signals


// Missing Tooth Applications


// Road Speed Governor


// Interlaced Inputs (and Outputs)


// All Wiring


// Pulse Width Modulation


// Self Testing


// Keyword Index


// Technical (Global) Library Settings

/ Road Speed Governor

/ Fuel Affecting Variables

/ General System Variables

/ Ignition

/ CAM Switching


// Wiring Diagram and Library


// Appendix A

/ Turbo Fueller Application Using The Smart Tuner 5 (SMT5)