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SMT-FTX Technical Manual - Switching Features On/Off


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The SMT-FTX has 2 set point (relay) drive outputs, which can be activated from 14 different signal sources. This is for the implementation of, for example, fan control, gearshift lights, idle assistance and all other small jobs around the engine and cockpit. All functions can be combined in a logical fashion, and full polarity (higher than/lower than) selection is possible. Furthermore, The SETPOINT procedure can be used to switch between the TWO operating maps A/B. The SET-POINT outputs are SHARED with the Auxiliary injection output and the BOOST solenoids.


The SET POINT procedure is a very powerful control feature. It seems very confusing at first because what could be more simple than switching a relay on. BUT – it does so much more!


SMT-FTX Fuel Tuner - F5 - Setpoints

The unit has two outputs, SP1 (pin 7) and SP2 (pin 14) which are selected (attached to a set-point) by the WIRE selection.

The outputs are HIGH SPEED automotive FET’s and can drive relays, solenoids (PWM) and an injector up to a current rating of 1 ampere.

The SETPOINTS are evaluated as follows:


SMT-FTX Fuel Tuner - F5 - Setpoints



This check compares the specified input with a settable limit (High/Low) and reports the state back. A TRUE condition is required to proceed. An example of this would be a limit of 3000 RPM and when the engine exceeds 3000RPM the condition would be true because the limit is set to ‘HIGH’.





This check has three options:

NONE: No further checking is performed, and the limit result is copied.
AND:    The true LOGICAL ‘AND’ evaluation is performed with any other function.
OR:    The true LOGICAL ‘OR” evaluation is performed with any other function.


A TRUE condition is required to proceed.
The MAP SWITCHING feature is attached here! See: MAP SWITCHING





If both of the above conditions are TRUE, then an output is activated when a WIRE is specified.





Set point output #1 SP1 7/14
Set point output #2 SP2 14/14